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Listed below are the various product levels and their features. If you haven't already taken advantage of our FREE 30 day trial of our Enterprise Edition, we encourage you to try this offer. We want you to be completely satisfied with our product before you make a decision to purchase. Please download the product from Downloads and obtain a license here. To receive a trial license by e-mail, purchase a product license, and to be notified of product updates, you must first create an account. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone and is strictly for our use.

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Product Summary
Product Pricing & Features Basic
License pricing  See our FAQs for license information
Base product price 
 FREE   $74.99   $149.99 
Additional concurrent Users
 $25.00   $25.00   $25.00 
No penalty upgrade pricing & volume discounts
Product features
Concurrent Users 1 2 5
Author and save queries and wizards up to 30 up to 300 up to 100,000
Author and save layouts up to 30 up to 300 up to 100,000
Author and save macros, menus and forms not available up to 300 up to 100,000
User authentication
Share queries and layouts with other users
Query wizard to generate reports without SQL knowledge
E-mail or download various formats of report output
Batch query processing
Multiple report output options
Online User's Guide
Share macros, menus & forms with other users
E-mail interface to your support team
Connect to multiple database servers
Support for separate application and database servers
Create query, macro, menu and form "Widgets"
LDAP authentication interface
Integrated chart creation
Control a user's ability to share queries, layouts, macros, menus and forms
Control query, layout, macro, menu and form save limits per user
Create "Read only" users accounts
Create user accounts limited to "User Menu" access
Track user logon activity
Create "Input Controls" to gather information at query run time
Integrated "e-mail merge" capability
Export QLR Manager data object, such as queries, layouts, etc.
Embed reports / graphs into web pages with Report Objects
Report drill down capability using Linked Reports
Import data from various source file types into a database table
Refund Policy:

We will honor requests for refunds within 30 days of your license purchase. This request can be submitted by using Contact Us on the left navigation bar. We provide a free 30 day product trial and urge you to take advantage of this offer before purchasing a license. We want you to experience QLR Manager using your server and databases to ensure it meets your needs before you decide to purchase a non-expiring license.