Upgrade Pricing

We recommend our customers stay current with the newest versions of QLR Manager to take advantage of the latest features and performance improvements. To help you protect your investment and provide incentive to upgrade, we offer significant discounts. For example, a one version upgrade (v2 to v3) for the same product edition is discounted 60%. A two version upgrade (v1 to v3) will be discounted 20%. In addition, your investment in lower product editions within the same version are 100% protected. If you purchase a Small Business Edition and wish to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition at a later date, 100% of your purchase price for the previous edition will be applied to the purchase of the higher edition. If you wish to see your actual cost to upgrade or purchase a higher edition, click the UPGRADE button on the purchase page, log on to your account and pick an existing license to upgrade. Your actual price will be displayed.

We maintain a record of your license purchases associated with the ID (e-mail address) you established when you first created your account. If you previously purchased a license under an old e-mail address and wish to upgrade, please contact us and we will update your account to your new e-mail address so you will receive the appropriate discounts.

Volume Discounts

After the initial purchase of a QLR Manager Enterprise Edition license, the User Account that executed the purchase will automatically begin receiving quantity discounts for subsequent purchases of QLR Manager licenses. The discounts are applied on a graduated scale and apply to all editions after the Enterprise Edition purchase. The percentage discount is calculated based on the number of Enterprise purchases made through the account. The discounted price will be displayed during purchase and checkout.

The discounts range from 20% to a maximum of 50%:

Number of Enterprise
licenses purchased
       Discount applied
to all editions
1 - 10   20%
11 - 20   30%
21 - 30   40%
31  or more   50%
User Seats

QLR Manager is purchased for a one time fee. There are no annual costs associated with the licensing of this product. However, there is a limit to the number of concurrent users who may access your installation of QLR Manager. A user is defined as a unique logon ID / IP Address combination that logs onto the QLR Manager application through the  Connect  panel or Connect panel bypass. QLR Widget links that may be accessed from within an e-mail or web page are not considered logged on users. QLR Widget and Report Object access is not counted as a concurrent user and the number of simultaneous accesses are unlimited. For concurrent users, each edition comes with a predetermined number of available seats:

Edition        Seats included
Basic   1
Small Business   3
Enterprise   5

After logging onto QLR Manager, the User ID locks up a "seat" for 30 minutes. Each time the server is accessed using that User ID, the 30 minute counter is reset. This allows the use of QLR Manager during the 30 minute time frame without being "bumped off" by a new User ID logging on and taking the seat. A seat can be freed up by pressing the  Logoff  button, found on the upper right corner of the page header.

Seats are transferable between the various levels of QLR Manager. If you buy additional seats while using the Small Business Edition, these seats will still be valid if you upgrade to the Enterprise Edition. However, seats do not carry over from one version to the next. If you buy additional seats for QLR Manager version 8, you must purchase additional seats again if you upgrade to QLR version 9 at a later date.

Each additional seat is $50.00, regardless of your product edition.

Licensed Domain

The domain is used to lock the use of QLR Manager to one location. When QLR Manager begins, the domain in your license is compared against the domain of the server that QLR Manager is located on.

Examples of valid domain names are:

localhost or (such as for home users)
w3.intranet.org (a server behind a firewall on an intranet)
subdomain.mysite.com (each subdomain.domain needs it's own license) (IP address)

There is no need to prefix the domain with http://. QLR Manager can be installed in any directory within the licensed domain.

Credit Card ID number
The Customer Identification Number (CID or CIN) is a three or four digit number that is unique to each card. This additional security feature is designed to protect the consumer by helping to ensure the card is present during the purchase. It is printed only on the card, never on any receipts or statements. The number is verified by the card issuer during the purchase. It's location depends on the Credit Card:
 •  American Express - 4 digits on the front of the card, above the Card Number
 •  Discover - Right most 3 digits in the signature area on the back of the card
 •  MasterCard - Right most 3 digits in the signature area on the back of the card
 •  Visa - Right most 3 digits in the signature area on the back of the card