A User Menu is a menu of queries and macros created by a user with authority to Create Menus. Extensive control is provided to the Menu Creator in organizing the queries and macros into expandable/collapsible sections, and applying titles to the menus, sections and individual menu items. icons may be included for those queries and macros that were saved with a description. Menus can also be nested within menus. A General or Advanced User may also see a selection for a special menu called *My Menu* which is created for the logged on User ID and displays allof the queries and macros created and saved by the ID.

Default Menu

When using the Enterprise Edition of QLR Manager, it is possible to define the default menu that is displayed when a user first accesses the Menu or User Menu panel. This is accomplished by defining the User's authority on the User ID Admin panel after logging on to the "User ID Admin and Tools" function from the Connect panel. A User ID can be granted the authority to choose other menus from the menu selection control that have been created and shared by other users, or they can be restricted to a single menu for security purposes.

Running a Menu item

A menu item is executed by either clicking on the "Run" button or the Menu item title. When running a macro in MySQL, it is executed under the same database that the macro was saved under when the macro was created.

*My Menu*

A special menu is created for the currently logged on User ID that contains all of the queries, macros and forms created by that User. If the object was saved as a "Shared" object, the text (shared) will appear after the object name. Running queries and macros from this environment is a quick way to execute stored commands.